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About us, TodaysJokes.com

TodayJokes.com, a great website for joke lovers, dedicated entirely for you're amusement.
The site offers the richest and most compelling content, featuring various kinds of Jokes,
Including politics, racism, blondes, sex, "the craziness section", and so much more.

Behind the curtain of TodayJokes.com stands a large team consists people from different sectors of
the entertainment industry, ensuring the surfers only the best quality of the newest jokes in town.

TodaysJokes.com also encourage it's users to send their own funny jokes, in order
to share them with other surfers on the Internet.

TodaysJokes.com offers you a new joke every day via Email, all you have to do it to register your
Email in the main page.

Any comments, feedback, or vicious matter, just email us at webmaster@todaysjokes.com

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