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One day this man was driving for hours through the country side and needed to go to the
bathroom urgently. He sees an old store off the side of the road, pulls up and proceeds to
the bathroom. When he was done dumping his captains log, he looked around and noticed to
his shock there was no toilet paper and a sign on the wall - "Sorry, there is no toilet
paper, but if you wipe your arse with your index and middle fingers and stick them in this
hole they will be licked clean." The man thought to himself that that was nasty and that
he was not going to do that. So he sits for a further hour trying to figure out what to
do, and eventually realizes that although its nasty, that he would do it. So he wipes his
arse with his fingers and sticks them in the hole. Then a man on the other side slams two
bricks onto the mans fingers so hard the unbelievable pain causes him to shove his fingers
in his mouth.

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